Corona Virus Impacts Esports: Latest Developments

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LPL (League of Legends Premier League), which is currently happening in China, comes to a standstill – following the Corona Virus outbreak.

Below is a recent tweet from LPL’s official Twitter account.

The LPL has canceled the week 2 of the professional esports tournament till further notice. It has also been in the news that many foreign professional gamers and supporting staff have returned to their respective countries after the outbreak. There has been no announcement on the future dates and when the tournament will resume again.

So, as things currently stand, it is not looking pretty for professional esports.

Commentators Flying Out

Some famous English LPL commentators are kind of concerned about the whole situation and have already packed their bags. Dagda, Hysterics, Penguin, and Munchables posted a video on Twitter saying,

“We don’t really know the extent of how dangerous it is, but it seems like it could be a lot worse than people are saying, so we’re getting the f— out of here.”

Check their video message below.

Further Impact

The League of Legends World Championship 2020, which is to be held in Shanghai, is also facing uncertainties. Other than that, the WESG, CS:GO finals in February, has already been called off. The event was supposed to take place in Macau.

About Corona Virus:

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Since the mid of January 2020, the Corona Virus has been in the news. It has affected mainly China; however, cases have been reported in the USA, UK, South Korea, Taiwan, Japan, and more. The WHO, while addressing the issue, has not yet declared it as a global health emergency. However, the disease has claimed the lives of over 50 people, and more than 2,000 are infected. Authorities also confirm that a patient has fully recovered after being infected with the disease.

Scientists are working to find a cure for the Corona Virus, but currently, there is no vaccine available for it.


We hope that healthcare authorities quickly find a cure for this disease and wish everyone suffering a speedy recovery.

We will bring more news and updates on how this latest epidemic is impacting the world of esports.

John K

Writer & Photographer @KoreaGameDesk

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