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Fortnite Skins: All You Need To Know About ‘Ninja Skin’

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Looks like the famous video game company, Epic Games, has once again come up with a strategy to make sure that their game Fortnite stays relevant and hyped. This time it is through a very famous video game streamer, Ninja. Richard Tyler Blevins AKA Ninja. He has been associated with Fortnite for quite some time now. Most of the videos on his YouTube channel are of this game. He earns millions of dollars per year through this game only. In this article, we will take a look at one of the Fortnite Skins named Ninja.

So What Exactly is The Ninja Skin?

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Epic Games has opted for an idea that they call the Icon series. It is their way of celebrating Fortnite’s most popular and recognized streamers. Icon series is said to involve gaming, fashion, music, etc. all together. For its launch, Epic started by introducing the blue-haired, worldwide Fortnite sensation, Ninja’s avatar/skin. Tyler announced the skin on his official twitter account on the 15th of January. This Ninja Skin will enable the Fortnite fans to play this game as Ninja himself.

Along with the photo of his first official skin outfit in the tweet, he also added how having a skin in Fortnite has always been a dream ever since he started playing the game. And how the company has now fulfilled the dream.

Ninja Skin Features:

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Already one of the most popular Fortnite Skins – Ninja Skin makes the character have spiked blue hair, his signature yellow hand band, a blue hood jacket, and black slacks. It has four variants available altogether.

However, this was just the beginning of something amazing. Ninja Skin is the first of many well-renowned celebrities’ skins that are yet to come for the Fortnite fans.

How to Get This Skin?

For one to get this skin, they would have to sign in to the Epic Games store. (Though you would expect it to be available on Fortnite shop, it is Ninja who himself said this).

This Ninja-Fortnite collaboration made the players, who had lost their enthusiasm in the game, very excited and eager to play. But for die-hard Ninja/Fortnite’s fans’ surprise, this popular skin, that cost 1500 v bucks, left its regular rotation two days after its official launch and is still currently unavailable to the players of the game.

No Epic Games spokesperson has yet talked about its unavailability or the overall response of the gamers. But do not worry, chances are that it will soon be available again if the demand is too high. The icon series also have other players lined up. They include The Grefg and Loser Fruit. Though there is no exact date of when they will be available revealed yet.

Fortnite Skins: Our Thoughts…

Regardless of the skins’ unavailability and whatnot, Fortnite developers deserve credits where it is due. Their strategy has helped the game regain its popularity. After all, who would not want to have their most favorite celebrity gamer/streamer’s character while playing the game? This strategy is very well thought out and will be very beneficial for the company and the game itself. But for that, the developers need to make sure that the skins or any other new item launched are available for a longer period so that more gamers can buy them.

For Ninja’s fans out there, well, you have to wait and look out for updates regarding the Ninja Skin from the company itself. Hopefully, it will be available again (and let’s also hope at lower prices this time).

We are super eager to see what this year has in store for Epic games.

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