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Pokimane Rejected A Multi-Million Dollar Deal – Find Out Why

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Imane “Pokimane” Anys, a renowned twitch streamer, refused an offer of $3 million. This deal was supposedly the best thing, as Pokimane revealed that she needs it, yet she did not accept it.

The evidence of this was in a Twitch clip that went viral. Byron “Reckful” Bernstein, a fellow streamer messaged Pokimane to present the offer.

“I have an offer for you. Someone wants to pay 3 million dollars for this. Okay? And it’s not even that a bad thing to do.”

The word of warcraft player, Byron jokingly exchanged his bank details, stating he is 23 and has only $ 1300 in his bank account. It was a hint for Pokimane that she should have taken the deal, given the abundant amount is offered in exchange. Byron was also visibly surprised after Pokimane announced her decision. However, he then regained himself as the offer did not make sense for her career anyway.

“I was like holy shit; she said no,” Reckful stated in the clip. “I really thought you were going to say yes. But then I realized that it doesn’t make sense for you.”

Neither of the streamers told exactly what the brand was asking. But they confirmed the price of the deal.

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Streamers and Advertisements

Streamers are known to promote brands and do sponsorships as a means of earning. Most streamers consider PR and this form of advertisement to be their sole bread and butter. It is a dealership that benefits both sides. Businesses gain an edge to reach the people specifically through the audience of the streamers. And the streamers, in return, get money for being a medium. However, in some cases, the sponsorship or brand is not compatible with the streamer’s beliefs and views. Thus it is rejected. It seems Pokimane has taken the same decision as she confirms she wasn’t “comfortable doing it”.

Many people can’t register why Pokimane would decline $3 million. She has popularity, and many other profitable deals in the past, which in result, gave her many options. Pokimane is privileged. So she can now refuse offers that she’s not comfortable with taking. However, that wasn’t the case then. She did not have as much of a following as she currently does.

The Market-Value of Streamers

Ninja is a streamer that recently switched from Twitch to Mixer. It encouraged many other streamers to sign deals with other companies. And many of them were successful in getting contracts with other platforms. All of this brought a wave of benefits to their career.

Shroud and CouRage, well-known streamers also shifted towards Mixer and Youtube, bringing their abundant fan following along with them. In conclusion, this change has made many top streamers choosing new platforms, with new deals and settlements.

Pokimane addressed in a stream how Ninja going to Mixer opened many possibilities for streamers. Streaming platforms now know the value of streamers, and treat them with priority.

Pokimane said, “God bless Ninja for making that move because now all platforms have to put a dollar amount on streamers, So literally, people are paying all my friends and me to do what we were going to flippin do for the next two, three years of our lives anyway.”

Pokimane has not officially announced her switch to any platform, but she probably will soon. She has said people would “know what she is up to soon.” Therefore her fans will have to wait patiently for her decision.


Pokimane has reached the levels of success where one can choose a streaming platform themselves. Fortnite Enroute is also one of the achievements made by Pokimane that elevated her position of power in the streaming industry. She was also on the second number in the Icon Series and given her custom made skin.

Pokimane certainly has the power to choose what deal she wishes. Her value in the streaming market is proof that her decision to refute $3 million was because she simply didn’t want to. No one knows the reason behind it yet. But it’s evident that Pokimane regards her persona and selection of brands very seriously.

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