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About Us

Koreagamedesk is all about gaming in general and gaming in Korea in particular.

We cover all the latest news, happenings, players, games, events, and whatnot going around in the gaming world. Koreagamedesk is a one-stop shop for beginners, enthusiasts, and professional gamers alike.

Our team of writers and editors has years of experience in the gaming world. All articles we put up on our site is thoroughly tested, proof-checked, top-notch in quality, fresh, and crafted as per the interest of our audience – THAT IS YOU!

We are a startup and always look forward to receiving your feedback and support from our audience.


Contact Us:

Name: Heesun Kim (Editor, KoreaGameDesk)
E-mail : [email protected]

Name: Vallabh Rao (Editor, KoreaGameDesk)
E-mail : [email protected]