About Us

About Us

Welcome to KoreaGameDesk – Your Ultimate Destination for South Korean Gaming Excellence!

Started in January 2020, KoreaGameDesk is dedicated to unraveling the extraordinary world of South Korean gaming. We curate content that informs and elevate your gaming experience. As a part of the beSUCCESS media group, our mission is simple – to be your gateway to the world of South Korean gaming.

In 2023 South Korea has emerged as a global powerhouse in the gaming industry ranking number four in the world. According to a survey conducted by Statista, as of July 2023 around 81.6 percent youth in the age group of 10 to 19 have played at least one Video Game.

South Korea is captivating audiences worldwide with its cutting-edge technology, innovative game development, and a vibrant gaming culture that transcends borders. KoreaGameDesk was born out of the need to showcase the brilliance of South Korean gaming to a global audience, and we have been unwavering in our commitment ever since.

Our Mission

At the heart of South Korea’s gaming legacy are iconic titles, legendary esports teams, and a relentless pursuit of excellence.

From the adrenaline-pumping world of competitive gaming to the mesmerizing narratives of single-player masterpieces, we cover it all. Our passion for gaming is mirrored in the diverse range of content we offer, spanning reviews, trends, exclusive interviews, and in-depth analysis of the latest gaming releases.

Our Aim is to bridge the gap between global gaming community and South Korean game developers. We want to become one stop shop for all the information about the Korean Gaming Industry.

Subscription Benefits

KoreaGameDesk is not just a platform; it’s a celebration of South Korean gaming prowess. We understand that the gaming landscape is dynamic and ever-evolving, and our goal is to keep you at the forefront of this exciting journey.

Whether you’re a Game developer, seasoned gamer or just stepping into the immersive world of gaming, we wish to be your trusted companion, offering insights, recommendations, and a deep dive into the gaming zeitgeist.

For this we have introduced a Subscription to initiate dialogue within the gaming community. Our subscribers will have access to exclusive articles and a monthly meet dedicated to bringing you the latest news, gaming tips and launches from the thriving South Korean gaming industry.

Be it the next blockbuster title, breakthrough gaming technology, or the rise of a new esports sensation, KoreaGameDesk Subscription is your source for staying ahead of the curve.

Our Team

James Jung

He founded beSUCCESS Media Group and has been promoting the global expansion of Korean entrepreneurs through conferences such as beGLOBAL Seoul and beGLOBAL Silicon Valley. He runs ten global English media outlets, including KoreaTechDesk and AsiaTechDaily, which provide valuable insights into the Korean and Asian startup industries. Over the last three years, he has invested in about 30 Korean and worldwide firms through the 1 billion Partners early-stage investment fund, enabling global expansion and presenting Korean products and services to global customers, investors, and purchasers.

Vallabh Rao

Vallabh is the Director of beSUCCESS Media Group in Vilnius, Lithuania, where he oversees all marketing and communication efforts. Vallabh is a seasoned marketing and communications expert with over 13 years of experience in media, startups, and corporate settings. He is instrumental in improving editorial content for the group’s English media outlets. Vallabh’s experience in media, business development, and marketing strategy has helped drive innovation and success at beSUCCESS Media Group. He has visited more than 55 countries and resided in Cambodia, South Korea, Germany, China, and the United States.

Jinju Jeon

Jinju, the Editor-in-Chief, specializes in startup analysis. She is the leader of beSUCCESS and the beGLOBAL Startup Global Conference in Korea and the United States. Jinju actively aids Korean businesses in gaining financing and expanding globally, thanks to her extensive network of startup media contacts around the world. She is an INTJ, a news junkie, and an active part of several startup communities, including an Angel Investor.


KoreaGameDesk Editorial


Jessica, an Indonesian game writer, has carved a unique niche in the gaming industry with her distinctive storytelling style. Her narratives bring a fresh perspective to the gaming world. Jessica’s expertise lies in crafting immersive storylines that blend traditional folklore with modern gaming elements, creating a captivating experience for players. Jessica’s innovative approach has not only garnered acclaim in Indonesia but has also attracted a global audience, eager for her unique blend of storytelling and gameplay.



She is a seasoned gamer and dynamic writer with 15 years of game blogging experience, enthusiastically combining South Korean culture and gaming knowledge. Her ability to flawlessly integrate her passion for video games with her significant writing skills transforms her into a powerful storyteller, eager to unveil the compelling narratives of both the gaming and Korean universes.

John K

He is a Writer & Photographer at KoreaGameDesk. With a skilled pen and keen eye, he brings South Korean gaming to life. Dive into his captivating narratives and visuals for an immersive journey into the heart of gaming excellence.



Min-ho, started his journey as an intern at a gaming startup, where he honed his skills and developed an insatiable thirst for knowledge about the gaming world. He quickly grasped the significance of strategies and tactics that players employ to excel in various games. This realization sparked his curiosity to explore and share his insights with a broader audience. Determined to pursue his newfound passion, Min-ho transitioned into journalism, joining KoreaGameDesk.



Min-young is a passionate gaming journalist from South Korea, known for her deep understanding and love for the industry. From a young age, Min-young’s life revolved around video games. She was captivated by the immersive experiences they provided, sparking her curiosity and igniting her desire to share her gaming adventures with others. As a teenager, she began documenting her in-game experiences and writing about the gaming industry on her blog, quickly gaining a loyal following. She pursued her academic studies with a focus on media and communication. Upon graduation, Min boldly decided to pursue her passion for gaming by entering the field of journalism. She joined KoreaGameDesk, where her articles offer insightful analysis, thoughtful commentary, and captivating narratives that resonate with gamers worldwide.


Minji, a journalist at KoreaGameDesk, seamlessly blends her passion for technology and gaming. Specializing in gaming products, she explores the latest innovations and delivers comprehensive information. Actively engaging with the gaming community, Minji inspires others to embrace the evolving landscape of gaming.

Join us on this epic gaming adventure, where every click resonates with the pulse of the gaming world! Experience the essence of South Korean gaming like never before – because at KoreaGameDesk, the game is just beginning.

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